Enter The Negro

Have you ever walked around with a thought in your head and wondered if anybody thought the same?  Ever shared a thought with friends and they thought you were “Crazy as Hell”?  I’ll do you one better. Ever have a thought so outrageous that you buried it deep inside never to see the light of day or ride your voice for others to hear?  I know exactly how you feel.
My name is Kelly Greene.  I am an African-American male from the city of Detroit,Mi where I still call home. I have 38yrs of experience in this adventure called life and what an adventure it is!  So many people, so many places each one different from the other providing an endless amount of ideas and impressions.  I took in as much as possible.
Of all the things that I have taken in, I have found individual viewpoints to be the most fascinating.  The voice of the poor over shadowed by the wealth of the rich. The will of the powerful imposed on the honorable contributing to the delinquency of us all.  In short, our society as it is today.  From the oldest to the youngest,  richest to the poorest,  and everybody in between.  I have met and become friends with many of these people sharing a multitude of concerns.  Even some of the most calm, cool, and collected individuals come unglued when the subject of President Obama comes up.
In my blog, Everything and anything is and will be fair game.  I will blog about what ever comes to my mind (or yours) for the benefit of us all.  I hope to bridge the gaps most folks would avoid; not to create conflict but promote thinking.  Hopefully thinking will lead to discussion which will lead to more thinking.  I believe that if you think, you will open your mind to possibility.
I will challenge those possibilities.   Could it be possible that you could learn another language or the location of the fountain of youth from my blog?  Of course not!   But I guarantee that you will learn something about the world you live in… or some of the people in it that could be really useful.  I won’t agree with everybody and if I do, it would totally be by accident!  Especially since I like to play devil’s advocate.  Yes!  I will cover him too as well as Healthcare reform, alternative lifestyles, pimps in the pulpit, Obama, and anything else you want me to cover.
Above all, I want you to read and enjoy.  Comment often and let your view on these topics be shared with others and start the discussion.  Share your knowledge and Holla If You Hear Me!

-K. Greene

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4 thoughts on “Enter The Negro

  1. Hey Wonder Twin, let me be the first to say that I absolutely adore the site. I wish you much success in your endeavor, and I know good things and only spring forth from this. Here to the future and the bevy of interesting rants from your atypical brain to come. HOLLA!

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