Embracing The New

             The question I got asked the most the past 2 weeks was…Who’s going to win the Super Bowl?   My answer was without a doubt was the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Now that you Packer fans have had your chuckle for today,  I will continue with my yearly Super Bowl disclaimer:

            If you placed a bet due to my extensive yet oh so limited knowledge of professional sports and lost,  I am truly sorry.   However,  there are no refunds for your losses as I am quite sure there are no kickbacks from your winnings!   Thank You!

               I Watched the game like any fan yesterday.   Holding on to the hope that Roethilsberger could pull it out with 2 min left and a timeout.   He couldn’t and the Steelers go down in defeat.   Since the opening 2 min of the game,  Aaron Rodgers proclaimed himself as the new hotness with crisp, pin-point accurate passes.    The older Steelers defense seemed powerless to stop him.  I worked at American Axle for 15 years until I was overpowered by New.   Not a quarterback or a person,  but a way of life.  I was sure that the job that I was on was secure.  A strike and a buyout ended that job and I found myself unemployed and back in school.  Totally not to my liking.
              I thought working 50-60 hrs a week was an ideal way to live but the New showed me something different.  It showed me that my brain is still sharp after doing the same thing everyday.  Also that I had many other talents that 50-60 hours a week on a machine prevent you from doing.  For me, One of those was writing.
It’s impossible to stop New.  New does not have a specific time or place to hit you.  It just does.  Hirings, firings, Marriage, or divorce.  Places or people embrace the New.  The New reminds us to keep looking forward.  Without New, We would have a hard time becoming anything.   If you feel your life is lacking,  Go to church.  The New you need is there!   Holla if you hear me!

                                                                -K. Greene

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