I Feel How I Want to Feel

We live n a society where the rich get all the attention.  I can’t say that the results are always good or the rich for that matter.  Yet we cling to every word they utter like children to Cartoon Network.  We see the homes, the cars, and wish for all of it.  Hoping the keys to their success will spill out for our use.  I did hear a quote that may lead to one of those keys, if not a key itself. “I feel how I want to feel.”

Those were the words of Sebron Watts.  He wasn’t rich by fortune 500 standards but he had experience, 91 years of it.  In 91 years, he stayed married 58 years, raised 4 productive kids, and did it in one of the worst possible eras for African-Americans in the city of  Detroit.  Through it all, He maintained the fact that he “Feels how I want to feel”.  When a man with his age and experience speaks, he should be paid attention to!  Nobody lives to be that old and stays married as long as he has being a fool.  However, We turn on the T.V. and glue ourselves to every fool we lay our eyes on.

If you ask my wife, She would tell you that I am a born rebel.  So Sebron’s words really hit home with me!  I thought those were the most important words for a man to say in defiance of all around him.  I liked the idea of separating myself from the influences around me.  I felt like nobody is going to influence the way I feel no matter what.   I was wrong.  You have to feel where you are in your life.  You also have to be mindful of the effect your feelings have on those you love.  Your feelings can be your greatest strength and weakness.  Only with wisdom can your feelings work for you.  I was missing this point of the lesson.

The world around us is constantly changing.  No matter where you are, you will be affected.  The Republicans feel like they should run America for their benefit (Mostly, their pockets!).  The Democrats feel like they should run the country to everybody’s benefit (While hiding the fact that want their cut too!).  Every business in the world, no matter what you want or need, feels like their product is the best (While it is apparent that it is not!).  There is a lot to consider and how you feel about them will effect how you handle them.  You will either vote or spend accordingly.  These choices are the real basis of our society.  These choices affect everything from our jobs to our homes.  Even how we spend our leisure time.  Our feelings are what the rich and powerful fight for.  The way we feel can be a huge money maker to the right businessman.  Shady Pastors and Bishops understand this very well.  How else do they find ways to raise the amounts that they bring in during offering time.

Sebron understood it better than everybody.  He knew that how he felt meant feast or famine for himself and his family.  He also knew that how he felt was tempered by a strong relationship with God.  Saying “I feel how I want to feel” also was a declaration of satisfaction.  He was pleased in the out come of the choices he made in his life.  That everything in his 58 years of marriage and 91 years of life had gone how he wanted.  Last week, we said goodbye Sebron Watts.  As I sat with the rest of my friends and family at his services, a couple of things came  to mind. This little guy left huge footprints on our lives and one of the greatest quotes in our history.  Holla if you hear me!

-K. Greene

2 thoughts on “I Feel How I Want to Feel

  1. Kelly,
    reading what you just said about my dad makes me smile, and I can remember him saying those words, whenever we asked him how he was doing. ‘I feel like I want to feel’ is a powerful statement, I just didn’t know how powerful. Thanks for those words cousin! I appreciated you being there for us!


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