Kid Rock Is Alright

The NAACP Fight For Freedom Fund dinner is fast approaching.  This the event of the year for african-americans in the city of Detroit.  Celebrities both local and national flock to Cobo Hall to honor people for their contributions and achievements to our society.  Having been to this event before, I can tell you that it is an awesome experience.  Every year there is a group in front of Cobo Hall protesting for their  particular cause.  This year however, comes with some controversy.

The NAACP plan to honor Kid Rock with its Great Expectations award.  Nothing wrong with that.  He’s a cool guy right?  Not according to Adolf Mongo and his Detroiters for Change group.  They plan on protesting and encouraging people to boycott.  I have never been to a Kid Rock concert but I hear it is amazing.  So what’s the problem?  The fact that he has a giant rebel flag hanging in the back drop at his concerts.  Unless you been living on a different planet the past  200 years, you know what the rebel flag means to African-Americans.  The rebel flag is the lone reminder of the confederate army which fought for the southern states during the United States civil war.  Had the south won the war, African-Americans would be slaves this very day.  I admit that as a kid, I thought the flag was the coolest paint job ever on a car while watching “The Dukes of  Hazzard”.

Kid Rock was asked about the flag and he said that he never had a problem with it.  I find this incredible because last year he toured with Rev. Run of Run D.M.C. and also brother of Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons.  Kid Rock even appeared in an episode of “Run’s House” and taught Rev. Run’s son Diggy how to play a guitar.  Kid Rock even went as far as to buy Diggy  a guitar.   Hardly the actions of a racist.  Kid Rock  said ” To me, it just represents pride in southern rock ‘n’ roll music.  Plus is just looks cool” .

The NAACP said that they were honoring Kid Rock for his commitment to Detroit and the future of the city.  Kid Rock created a “Made In The D” clothing line and created his own beer which is brewed here in Detroit.  He is highly visible hanging out around the city and shows pride in his city where ever he goes.  While watching the interviews of people unhappy with the announcement, I tried to think of  African-Americans who have done as much for the city.  I couldn’t think of one.  I had to disqualify Mayor Bing for giving the suburbs power over Detroit’s water.  Kwame Kilpatrick took a lot of possible candidates down with him.  Adolf Mongo has only earned the trust of a small group.

The rebel flag is definitely something to get riled up about but in this case, we got what we deserve.  It seems that we have become quite comfortable at letting anybody do what we should be doing ourselves.  Even if they think the rebel flag “Just looks cool”.  This time we should not boycott the Fight for Freedom Fund dinner. We should go and show respect for Kid Rock’s honor. We should also sit there and let this light a fire under us.  Anybody who is upset should take a real hard look at where we are as a community.  We have become so comfortable now that Barack Obama is in the white house, that the rebel flag has snuck its way into one of the NAACP’s premier events.  In a city where African-Americans make up the majority, its seems like we would surely know how to take care of our own.  It appears that we don’t and Kid Rock is letting us know it.  Holla if you hear me.

-K. Greene

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