The Power Of The Vote

I woke up one day, in no great hurry.  I showered and got dressed as usual.  Following my routine to precision.    T.V. on ESPN feeding me the latest news in sports through my ears while the sun lured my eyes out the window.  I decided to leave the house and join the sun outside.  The chill in the air quickly reminded me that a Detroit spring feels a lot like an Alaskan summer.  I get in my van and make it halfway down the block when something caught my eye.  A hand-written sign on the back window of a red work truck which read: Recall Snyder!  Nothing wrong with that right?  Except for 2 things: 1) I am in the suburbs 2) The owner of the truck was WHITE!  I was overcome with laughter.

You may ask why is this so funny?  Well I will tell you.  Let’s go back to the night Barack Obama was elected President.  African-Americans all over were celebrating a historic event.  The first ever President of the United States that wasn’t a middle-aged white male.  While I sat back and enjoyed the sense of change that filled the air, an old saying came to mind; ”The shit is about to hit the fan!”  I knew the Republicans were going to come back with a vengeance.

It didn’t take long either.  They started firing shots as soon as he was sworn in.  The Republicans immediately attacked his new healthcare bill calling it “Obamacare”.  At his first State of the Union Address, Republican senator Joe Wilson shouted out  “Liar!’ while he was speaking.  No President in our history has ever been publicly disrespected by any member of government during a speech. Change was here alright!  President Obama tried to change the credit card laws to make them more consumer friendly.  What happened?  Banks and businesses (Which 99.9% of them vote Republican) made them more strict and of course added more fees.  However, this was nothing.  The local elections were up next and a Republican Governor in key pro-union states could be a huge asset. Especially since these were the hardest hit areas during the Recession.  The outsourcing of jobs coupled with a slumping economy rendered  unions helpless with their bargaining power at its weakest.  Big companies went on the hunt!

A poorly ran campaign by Virg Benero and the Democrats, coupled with poor minority turn out, made the Republican agenda very easy.  Their agenda was to scare middle class white America(People like before mentioned Joe Workingman) into voting Rick Snyder for Governor of Michigan.  Making President Obama out to be the face of the new” Black America”, worked to a charm.  Minorities thought so too judging by minority voter turn out.  Soon after Snyder was sworn in, he unveiled his plan.  It highlighted taxing pension benefits as income and spending cuts to public schools while at the same time giving corporations a 1.8 billion dollar tax break.  Joe Workingman got bamboozled!  His vote secured for the rich and powerful at the sacrifice of his kid’s education and his pension.  In Joe Workingman’s eyes, it was white on white crime and he was going to let everybody know.  Starting with writing “Recall Snyder” on his back window.

I drove off with a sense of satisfaction that another person has seen the light.  That the powerful will do everything they can to get your vote.  Including using race and ignorance to their advantage.  Your vote is worth millions to the rich and their friends at your expense.  So don’t waste it!  I will say for the record. That if 1.8 billion in tax breaks bring  jobs and prosperity to the City of Detroit, I may have to drench my laptop in hot sauce and eat it!  Holla if you hear me!

-K. Greene

9 thoughts on “The Power Of The Vote

  1. Kelly,
    Again, you astound me! I love this essay as much as the rest. You are a talented writer, and with so much to say! Don’t you ever give this up, ok?

    Ms. Clayman….your biggest fan.

  2. I’m amazed at your writing skills!! Kelly! let me ask you this, how do you come up with these interesting topics and whats your motivation?

  3. hey Kelly, I would like to share some of your topics with my tweeters, will it be okay if I send some of them via tweet? your stories are soooo good I want to share them!! let me know!

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