Addition by Division


I searched high and low for a topic.  It seemed to elude me each time I tried to grasp it.  You can say I had one big case of writer’s block.  I watched T.V. day and night hoping something would ring a bell and jar loose my talents.  The more I watched, I couldn’t help but to think how chaotic our world has become.  Then the bell I was looking for rang like the Hulk himself was banging on it.

Whenever there is chaos in society, the diabolical make their move.  Right now is a pretty good time.  The economy is shot.  Confidence in our government is at an all time low and corruption is rampant at every level.  People of all backgrounds are left searching for answers in any shape and form and the answers they seek cannot come quick enough.  Too bad they are cut-off from those answers on purpose.

Those in politics  are at the heart of it.  They run through years of legal rhetoric intended for our best interest.  You would think that a system based for the people and by the people would run just fine.  This is not the case as throughout history the cunning and charismatic have often sought this avenue as a way to achieve power and wealth.  They add to their wealth and power by division.  Democrats and Republicans duke it out daily for our vote.  There is a saying that people vote their pockets.  If you are rich, you vote Republican.  If you are Middle-Class or poor, you voted Democrat.   That is what they use to stay in office.  Also they are lawyers with deep pockets.  Now you know why business get all the tax breaks and you get the tax bill.  Division created their prosperity.  Playing the rich against the not so rich is paying big dividends!  How else did a group of rich racists maintain control of our government since 1776.  Compounded by the fact that the richest 1% of Americans pay no taxes, it makes perfect sense.

The Devil uses hardcore religious fanatics to pick at the lives of those around them.  Using personal likes and dislikes as a battle ground to pit human against human for the addition of non-believers.  Bishop versus Pastor with thousands of souls hanging in the balance.  Little things such as the way one conducts service or what kind of car the other drives, are used to attract members to their respected churches.  In actuality, it drives people away.  People looking to God for stability quickly find the church as a whole as unstable as themselves.  Fanatics don’t have to be famous like Pastor Terry Jones.  The more dangerous ones are everyday people.  So intolerant of anything they don’t consider “God like” they go to extremes to distance themselves.  Some go as far as to cut off ties with family members that they consider to be “Un-Saved”.  This behavior is not “God like”.  God is about inclusion not exclusion.  Addition, not division.  It is amazing how far a little compassion and conversation can go.  It did wonders for a prostitute many thousands of years ago.   Instead of picking up a stone in judgement, Jesus offered a hand in friendship.

If television is any indicator, then I would have to say that writing this blog today may be futile.  Shows and commercials to guide you in one direction or another dominate every channel.  Not based on the quality of their product but their ability to convince you that you need it more than anybody else.  Companies don’t have morals when it comes to adding your cash to theirs.  Forcing you to compete with your neighbor through your lifestyle while companies run to the bank.  They use Credit Scores and where people live the most.  Don’t believe me?  Check you car insurance against someone in a different zip code with similar driving record.  Whoever has the better neighborhood, will have the cheaper insurance.  They do this to keep the rich folk in the better neighborhoods happy,which keep politicians happy.  While those folks are happy, the poor neighborhoods pay more and could least afford it.  Using the crime rate as an excuse.  This immoral practice is called “Redlining” but since the rich and the poor stay divided, insurance companies red-line their way to the bank.

Communication is key to overcoming the chaos in our lives.  It keeps the diabolical at bay.  It gives the saved an excellent chance of rescuing the un-saved.  Hopefully, one day the rich and the poor can communicate enough to save us some money and make the world better for everybody.  Holla if you hear me!

-K. Greene

2 thoughts on “Addition by Division

  1. AMEN brother. As for Mr. Jones, if the news channels did not show up to broadcast his message of hate, he would quietly fade into the background.

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