Life Imitating Art

I had a great topic brewing until it was interrupted by BREAKING NEWS:  OSAMA BIN LADEN HAS BEEN KILLED BY U.S. NAVY SEALS!  I kinda stared at the T.V. like a deer caught in headlights for a minute.  Somehow it didn’t seem real.  Almost like time froze while events played themselves out for all to see.  I continued to sit and watch people of all backgrounds united in joy over the demise of one of our nation’s greatest enemies.  I am happy old broom-chin is history myself!

One of my favorite movies is a Mel Brooks comedy released in 1974 called Blazing Saddles.  While watching this movie, I couldn’t help but see similarities between this movie and Obama’s term in office up to this point.  They are so similar that one could easily consider Blazing Saddles a weed-induced, hippie-spun prophecy from the 70’s.

In the beginning, We find a politician played by Harvey Korman, seeking to expand his railroad to the west and make a ton of money for himself!  However,  there are 2 things in his way.  A patch of quicksand and a small town filled with conservative white folk.  The fact that this town had no sheriff made it an appetizing target for our politician’s plans.  So with the help of his womanizing friend and paddle ball playing colleagues in government, he secured a sheriff for this town of white folks with a catch!  That catch being…. the sheriff will be  BLACK!  Our Politician was sure this would offend the people and drive them out of their little town.  Making it easy for the railroad to continue its course.  Politics serving as the vehicle for financial gain.  Sound familiar?  Not yet?  Ok let me continue.

For the record, had Obama uttered the words “Excuse me while I whip this out.” at the inauguration, I would have torn up my bucket list!  Those were the words uttered by the new black Sheriff Bart of the white conservative town of Rock Ridge.  In Obama’s case, America.  What he was “whipping out” was his legal right to assume his new post.  Like Sheriff Bart, Obama faced nothing but the ire of the white conservatives he was sworn to protect.  Even when demonstrating some good will, he was met with a resounding “Up yours Nigger!”.  Instead of it coming from an elderly white woman, it came from the Tea Party.

This was pretty much how things went until Mongo came to town.  In the movie, Mongo was played by former Detroit Lions defensive lineman Alex Karras.  Mongo was a huge, hulking figure of a man. Who rode into town on a steer and terrorized the townsfolk every time he showed up.  In reality, Mongo would be represented by Osama Bin Laden.  The one person who the townsfolk feared the most.  Osama Bin Mongo had loomed like a shadow over the peace and tranquility of America.  Even outlasting the last 2 sheriffs.  Now, It was Sheriff Obama’s turn.

In order to beat this monster of a man, Sheriff Bart dressed like a messenger and carried a telegram to Mongo.  Once Mongo open his telegram, it blew up in his face!  This made it easy for Sheriff Bart to subdue Mongo and chain him up.  Sheriff Obama did the same.  Only his telegram was delivered by Navy SEALs and the telegram itself…Fatal.  Now everybody loves our heroic black sheriffs.  Even the old white lady baked Sheriff Bart a pie and gave it to him in secret.  That’s where we are now.  Sheriff Obama now being accepted by the masses, even if it is behind closed doors and our greedy politician left to figure out another way to beat Sheriff Obama and continue his lucrative enterprise.  I am not going to tell you how everything goes.  I want you to rent it for yourself and make your own observations while laughing hysterically.  However,  I will say this…A black man and a white man riding off into the sunset together is the best ending there is.  Holla if you hear me!

-K. Greene


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