Hope For Single Folk

In a previous blog entitled “Single? Yikes!”,  I gave my view of singles in this day and age.  I explained many of the horrors single people encounter in their pursuit of finding the one with whom to spend the rest of their days; married or not.  Yes, it is totally possible to live together in perfect harmony without getting married.  Risky, yet possible.  If marriage or living together in bliss is your goal, I am going to help you out.  How?  I am married and married people can see things that single folks need to.

If you live in Detroit, with the vicious beating our economy suffered, this can work to your advantage. First of all Guys, don’t worry about gold diggers.  They have to work faster and harder in order to get their hooks into you.  This makes their game easier to spot.  Ladies beware!  Men who are now out of work, are twice as likely to turn into gold diggers themselves.  Keep your eyes on what people are doing to improve themselves.  This will tell you more about their character than anything else.  Also bring any prospective love interest around your people.  Friends and family can see past the smile and overwhelming body parts that may have you spellbound.

Stay close with your married friends and family members.  They can introduce you to other singles in their lives.  They are always willing to help you, if you are a quality person.  Married people are reluctant to keep untrustworthy singles around them for obvious reasons.  Married people are where you are trying to be.  So listening to married folk can be a big plus!  Even when they are complaining.  There are valuable tidbits between their venting.  What could a single person truly learn from another single?  It would be equivalent to a baby teaching another baby how to walk.  Married folks know how to enjoy each other’s company on a budget better than anybody.   This is valuable information when it comes to dating in a depressed economy such as ours.  You have to do the simple things that mean a lot.  Those who are creative and resourceful can create memorable dates that can melt even the hardest of hearts.

My wife has been drilling that in my head recently.  We dated at the prime of our careers and of course, I spared no expense.  Now, I have to adjust to the economy like everyone else.  Marriage is no exception.  I came to realize this at a recent outing to Kuumba’s Cove.  No, It’s not the home of Captain Jack Sparrow.  It is however, an unexpected gem.  Located on Iron St. just south of Jefferson, it’s as modest as an Amish birthday party.  Once you give the guy at the door five bucks and walk down the stairs, you find something else.  No bar, no alcohol, just walls covered by impressive paintings surrounding a stage graced by even more impressive poets.  Each one giving top-notch displays of their talents as if they were performing at the Apollo Theater itself.  Each one putting his or her heart into the microphone.

The poets at Kuumba’s Cove are great examples of how single folk should approach dating in the City of Detroit.  Investing in substance rather than show.  Putting stock in their God-given abilities and leaving materialism at the door.  Today’s economy forces materialistic singles to re-evaluate themselves.  They have to embrace realistic standards or risk having a long, lonely summer.  Many publications will come out with their top ten list of best cities for singles.  All of them so far have kept Detroit off the list, due to our extremely high unemployment rate.  Fear not single folk!  You have the advantage over all ten cities because quality people rise to the top in tough situations.  There are many here in Detroit and most of them are single.   Holla if you hear me!

P.S. The Wednesday Night Jazz Series at Chene Park is a good place to start looking!  You don’t have to pay to listen to the concert outside; where there are plenty of people to mingle with. If you’ve got $18 handy, buying a ticket to get inside is well worth it!

-K. Greene

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