Detroit Love




What was once an eye sore, is appealing once more.  Iron St. off Jefferson is a nugget of hope in the City of  Detroit.  Each artist allowing brushes and paints to speak where words couldn’t do justice.  Colors and images come together in defiance of tough times our city is facing, allowing brick and mortar to serve as the perfect canvas.  I advise you to take a trip down Iron St.  Make sure you walk past each mural and see our city through their work.  You may even find yourself here for a while.  If you want to meet the artists, walk across the street to Kuumba’s Cove.  They will be glad to see you.  Holla if you hear me!

-K. Greene

Update 10/5/15 :

The beautiful paintings that you see here are no longer there. Neither are the poets or the artistic air that flowed down that street. They are casualties of the new Detroit that is quickly sprouting up and the wealthy are buying up and demolishing anything in prime real estate near the river. The arts in Detroit are still going strong. I will just have to tell you where.

7 thoughts on “Detroit Love

  1. I love the blogs. I think the topics are interesting. Keep them comin, I’ll holla if I hear ya!!!

  2. I like this blog because it share information about Detroit and I really enjoy reading it. I also live and Detroit. It was nice to meet you at them motown event this weekend

      • Marian,I can’t say that there was a movement towrad any particular kind of art. Everything was there. I filtered my report through my particular likes and interests, such as material abstraction, so I’d urge you to look at other reports to see what other folks responded to.Re: selling well doesn’t mean selling out. Artists who went to art school in the 60s, 70s and 80s have labored under the idea–courtesy of their professors (who presumably went to school in the 50s and 60s)–that commerce should not be the concern of the artist. As if we don’t have to deal with buying art supplies, paying rent, or keeping up with health insurance.I actually had an art professor once tell me, “The dealer is your enemy.” What stupidity. The dealer is your business partner–and as I say somewhere in my report, you can really see the dealers at the fair working on behalf of their artists. Because the dealer’s success is the artists’ success and vice versa.

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