Motor City History : Special Update

I went down to Belle Isle Aquarium one day.  I knew it was closed but I was overcome with nostalgia.  Nostalgia turned to sadness as I peered through the glass doors.  No people or fish, just empty halls and empty tanks.  Not at all like I remembered it as a kid.  I went home with a pic I took and wrote a small poem which later became the blog post: “Motor City History”.  Weeks later while relaxing at home, I received a text from good friend and Motown Writers Network founder, Sylvia Hubbard that brought a smile to my face.  The text read: Belle Isle Aquarium receives $45,000 Historical Preservation Grant with a link to the story.  Overjoyed, I rushed to show my wife the text!  My prayers were answered in a small way.  The grant is by no means enough to re-open the Aquarium but it will put a new roof on it!  A new roof is the first step getting the aquarium re-opened.  I pray the remaining steps for re-opening come soon after!  Without Belle Isle Aquarium, there would be no Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  There would not be a show on Animal Planet called “Tanked” either.  Quite frankly, if you see a fish tank anywhere in America, it is because Belle Isle Aquarium helped in starting it all.  Re-opening the aquarium would be our way of saying ” Thanks!”.  Holla if you hear me!

-K.  Greene

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