A Year Later

On January 24th of 2011, I decided to take a chance.  It was time to show everyone my hidden talent and blogging was the vehicle to do it.  I was a great writer in my own mind but everyone was going to see it now.  It was a scary moment.  I wrote often but for my own benefit, my own amusement.  I was satisfied with the volumes of poetry, short stories, and commentary I had lying around but nobody saw a word of it.  There is a sort of  comfort in being ordinary but I messed it all up.  I was in a Composition class and my instructor saw my work. I was no longer able to remain comfortably anonymous.  Upon my first submission, she realized that my work wasn’t ordinary.  My secret was out.  She suggested that I would be great at blogging.  I thought about it then I came up with the name Hollaifyouhearme and wrote “Enter The Negro”.  I felt like I was Keanu Reeves about to enter the Matrix.  Much like Neo, I was about to enter a bigger world and the life I was living was changing forever.  However, I needed further knowledge and  I soon received a very useful viewpoint.

I ran into an old friend named Nicole Griffin.  We knew each other from childhood and she was in the middle of writing her first book.  I told her that I was blogging but instead of getting a “Cool” or “Good for you”,  I got “I don’t like Bloggers. I think they are too preachy.”  I was taken aback a bit but decided to do some research and read some other blogs.  I started to see her point.  Not all of the blogs I read were “preachy” but by reading them, I became more aware of my content.  I wanted my blog to be informative yet entertaining while giving my city of Detroit it’s proper due.  Yet I had another problem…I was the only writer I knew!

My wife solved this problem for me when she found a web site for the Motown Writer’s Network.  Joining the Motown Writer’s Network proved to be the best move I could have made for myself as a writer.  Networking with the writers in the group was instrumental in making Hollaifyouhearme better!  I learned more about content and  targeting new demographics appealing to new and different readers that I could never have done on my own.  Sylvia Hubbard is the Founder of Motown Writers Network and an accomplished author and blogger herself! Not only has she been teaching me the ways of the literary world but has become a good friend as well.  Sylvia would turn out to be the first of a host of new friends and colleagues.

A year later, I still think about those sequence of events.  Sometimes you know you have something special and you hold on to it like its your last dollar.  It works for somethings but not when you have talent.  Talent has to be shared like knowledge.  During this past year, I have learned to share both knowledge and talent in this blog.  It seems that a lot people enjoy it by responses I get and I THANK EACH ONE OF YOU!!!!!!  I am anxious to see what I can bring you in year number two of Hollaifyouhearme!  Better yet, I am anxious to see what YOU can do in a year if you step out of your comfort zone!  A bigger world may be waiting for YOU! All you have to do is take a chance! Holla If You Hear Me!!!!!

-K. Greene

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8 thoughts on “A Year Later

  1. I can’t say enough how proud I am that you are pursuing your passion and taking it to another level. Keep up the good work and continue to challenge your readers. even though I no longer live in The City, I am still Detroit to the core and i am glad you are raising awareness to what is taking place in the open as well as behind the scenes. Much love to you cuz!

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