Bikes For Kids


I bet before you got your first car or motorcycle, you were passionate about your first bicycle! I still remember mine.  It was an all black Huffy dirt bike and took on whatever terrain I decided to travel.  That first bike is a kid’s first taste of independent transportation.  Suddenly, a whole new world opens up.

This Saturday July 14th from 3pm – Dusk at the Belle Isle Bandshell, Project A.R.T. will give away bikes to metro Detroit kids at their first annual: “YaPeoples Day Hip-Hop Fest and Bike to Summer School Rally”. There will be refreshments, games, and a DJ.  Belle Isle Bandshell will be rockin as local artist take to the stage and show their stuff!  In between performances, Project A.R.T. will raffle off one of the many donated bikes they have received.  Project A.R.T. believes that these bikes will help kids get back and forth to school without being dependant on an unreliable bus system.  Furthermore, the bikes will help keep kids healthy and fit.  The day will be topped off by a performance by R&B recording artist Shanice!! She will be performing her hit single “I Like Your Smile”!  I urge everyone to go out and take part in this event Saturday.  If you know a child in need of a bike, bring them!!

My hat is off to the folks at Project A.R.T.!!  K.D., Sista Sayre, and Jeana Tall!  Its times like these where the true leaders in our community step up.  I told K.D. I thought what they were doing was Great!  He said “Naw, YaPeoples is doing this”.  I like how he put it!  Holla if you hear me!

-K. Greene

For more info or donations contact;

Sista Sayre (313) 600-3809


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