Kwame Kilpatrick: Front and Center

I remember my first conversation with Kwame Kilpatrick.  I was at the union hall of my former place of employment.  My former co-workers and I were on strike and Kwame, Mayor of Detroit at that time came out to show his support.  Since then, both of us have lost our jobs.  I lost mine to the economy.  His own debauchery cost him his. Tonight, five years later, our paths have crossed once again.  At a hotel ballroom in Detroit, The Detroit Chapter of National Association of Black Journalist (DC-NABJ) had him front and center. Thank God I am a member!

He didn’t have to do this.  He faced the press on many occasion before he moved to Dallas.  There is no doubt that he will face the press again during his upcoming federal trial.  However, this time it will be quite different.  Kwame promised this session will be no holds barred, any question answered!  So I wasn’t surprised to see all the well-known white journalists who filled out membership applications, and paid the fee to be a black journalist for one night.  Kwame was his usual charismatic self, but his message was very much unusual.

Everyone in the room expected him to elaborate on cheating on his wife, Tamara Greene (Which he says that he never met her), and his restitution payments.  Instead, his mind was on the future…Detroit’s future and his own.  He stressed how sorry he was for his actions while in office, yet he is adamant that he is not responsible for Detroit’s current state.  He also says that he wants to help Detroit move forward.  Kwame believes that unless that people lets go of blaming him for Detroit’s current condition, they will never identify Detroit’s problems.  He said “I want to reintroduce myself the best way I know how; for those who are still angry with me.”

I will tell you how he did Next Week in Part 2 of “Kwame Kilpatrick: Front and Center” Holla if you hear me!

– K. Greene

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