The Next Big Thing Blog Hop!

Check out The Next Big Thing Blog Hop!!! Get to know these top Detroit Authors!!!

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We are blog hopping our way through some new reads. This is an awesome way to be exposed to some wonderful authors that you might not have otherwise been exposed to. Be sure to follow our blog hop and be introduced to some exciting reads as well as works in progress. Below you will be able to learn a little about myself and some authors who I’ve had the privilege of working with. Be sure to check them all out. Sylvia Hubbard, Phette Ogburn, and LaCharmine Jefferson are all awesome authors that I am delighted to brag about!! Special thanks to Madeline Sloane   for asking me to participate. Madeline Sloane has published several history books, she segued into fiction as an independent author. In addition to “Consequence,” her booklist includes “Distracted,” “East of Eaton” and “West Wind.” Her books are available in print…

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