Don’t Do It


Since the Mayoral election process started, I have been keeping an eye on the whole thing. The person elected this time around will be a key player in Detroit’s recovery. I have refrained from commenting on the candidates until now. I can’t keep my thoughts about this one candidate to myself any longer.
   Mike Duggan must not be written in for mayor. If he could not submit paperwork by the proper time, he should not be considered for mayor. Nor should he be allowed to be written in. He has to honor the rules that govern the city he wants to be mayor of. It bothers me that he moved to Detroit just in time to make his paperwork legit. I don’t trust it. It looks disingenuous. Of course he loves Detroit, the city has made him a lot of money. He claims he wants to help the city but not enough to become a citizen for any length of time. Don’t write him in. Let him live in the city, receive the same city services, and learn what it truly means to be a Detroiter. If he is still here by next election, he would have showed us all that he’s serious about helping Detroit. If he moves, Detroit would have dodged a huge bullet and have made the right decision for Mayor.  Holla if you hear me!!!!
         -K Greene

3 thoughts on “Don’t Do It

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  2. Your solution (candidate) would be??????? Michigan has a write-in law and he being written-in is perfectly legal and per the language this city is governed under!!!! I wish people would stop talking about what Mike Duggan isn’t and talk about what they are!!! So much time has been spent on shooting this man down that other candidates haven’t sold themselves to us, “What’s UP With That,” more fake politics.

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