Ceasar Torreano’s Venue Shout Outs!!!!


I have a deep love for Detroit Poetry. Our poets go hard like no other! Experiencing Detroit poetry live is a must!! That’s why I have asked good friend and powerful poet in his own right, Ceasar Torreano to give Holla If You Hear Me the weekly rundown of venues where you can experience Detroit Poetry live! Don’t forget to pick up his latest book of romance poetry entitled “The Caking Chronicles”!

Here are my venue shoutouts for the whole week in the Detroit area.

MONDAY Neo Minds, No Words Bared Open Mic @ Coffee Shop, Arts & Entertainment from 8pm to 11pm Location: 1464 Gratiot, Downtown Detroit, Michigan 48207

Boundless Expressions Open Mic @ The Phoenix Cafe from 9pm to 2am Location: 24918 John R Rd, Hazel Park, MI


5 E Gallery The Foundation Open Mic from 8:00pm to 2:00am Location: Cass, off of Forest, Detroit, MI

LIV open mic poetry from 9pm to 1am Location: 641 Beaubien St, down the street from Greektown Casino, Detroit,


1917 American Bistro Open Mic from 8pm to 12am Location: Livernois right off Outer drive, between 7, & 8 mile.

Open Mic Jam with DJ L.Boog from 9pm to 1am Monthly series

THURSDAY They Say’s open mic with host Katrina Storm from 7pm to 11pm Location: 267 Jos Campau off of East Jefferson

Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe with host Caesar Torreano from 9pm to 12am Location: 12511 Woodward, off of Glendale 1/4 mile from Davidson, Highland Park, MI

FRIDAY Rhyme and Reason open mic from 9pm to 12am every second & fourth Friday bi weekly series Location: 9226 Kerchval, Detroit, Every

Spotlight Open Mic at Manilla Bay Cafe from 9pm to 12am Every first & third Friday bi weekly series Location: 4731 Grandriver, off Warren, Detroit, MI


Peaceful Poetic Places from 6::30pm to 10pm, every 2nd Saturday

Allure & Soul at Club Ambiance Ultra Lounge from 8pm to 10pm Location: Shelby, off Congress, Downtown, Detroit

SUNDAY Spirit Spit @ Spirit of Hope starting @ 5pm, Monthly series, Location: 1519 Martin Luther King Jr.Blvd, Detroit, Michigan

There you have it and Thanks Ceasar!! Check Ceasar out at Namdi’s Thursday nights and pick up his book “The Caking Chronicles” ASAP! Holla if you hear us and DETROIT POETRY!!!

– K. Greene ft. Ceasar Torreano

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