Mind Over Money


Recently, I have been thinking about the quest to make money.  I know what you are about say, “Why now? You should always think about making money.” The truth is that I don’t. It enters into my mind maybe once every two weeks or so. I know your next question summed up in one word…Why? Well I will tell you.

For the record, yes I would like to be rich. Famous would be nice too but not necessary. However, when and if that happens I want to be mentally ready. I know a lot of people who want to be rich but I almost fear what they would turn out to be. Money doesn’t solve your problems. It enhances them. I know you would get yourself out of debt, buy homes for your family, and want for nothing. Sounds cool doesn’t it? What isn’t cool is that you are soon broke. Why? You started in debt which means that you were probably bad at budgeting from the start. Your rags to riches and back to rags story confirms it.

I don’t watch reality shows but you don’t have to in order to find out the latest foolishness.  It winds up on the news or TMZ and you say “I would never do that”. If you have unresolved personal issues, you could.  Drugs, Sex, Anger, Jealousy, and Narcissism all become magnified by your new social status. Any one of these can ruin your life in an instant. Greed makes it 10x’s worse.  Some would fight to stay rich. Even commit murder.

Most of my friends and family are talented, very talented. Any of them can easily be thrust into superstardom overnight.  Here in Detroit, we are rich with talent. The harsh economic climate had given our local artist time and incentive to perfect their passions. I hope however, that they take the time to read this. I want them to take the time to perfect their souls as well as their craft.  Personal wealth comes from within.  Deal with your faults and seek peace with yourself.  So when fortune comes your way, YOU are in control and not fame.  Holla if you hear me!

– K. Greene

One thought on “Mind Over Money

  1. I truly understand where you are coming from and agree 100% with you. I often see myself in a elevated status, living very comfortable, I know I will have more money and not in debt. Truly you hit it dead on, most would be back in debt because more money would just intensify their problems. When I think of having more money I think of owning all that I have no debt and multiple streams of income. I believe to truly be rich you must have multiple sources of income as well as assets.

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