Dream Big


I remember as a boy first hearing Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech.  I was moved by the strength of those words.  Dr. King had a huge dream and he knew he may not be alive to see it but fought for it as if it was just around the corner. Racial equality was his dream then and during that speech, everyone shared his dream.  As a young boy, I made sure I kept his dream in my thoughts.  Now as a grown man, I see another meaning to his speech.

Some people dream and dismiss it as entertainment for a sleeping mind. I see it differently. A dream can be almost prophetic. Matter of fact, a dream can be 100% Prophetic if that is what you want and the size of the dream means nothing. Dream big, huge. Then do the things that would get you towards that dream. I believe that a dream is a future just waiting for a little work. That’s what I get out of Dr. Kings speech now. Overcoming Jim Crow and powering the Civil Rights Movement seemed like a far fetched dream. The work Dr. King put in made that dream close to reality. The only thing needed is for us to put in more work.

I also have a dream. That dream is called Detroit. I dream of my hometown becoming  a thriving downtown tourist spot.  A new shopping mall downtown along with nice town houses in walking distance of arts and entertainment. I dream about two more light rails in Detroit. There should be one that runs the length of Grand River for the west side and another running the length of Gratiot on the east side. The light rails will connect neighborhood  people with good paying jobs. I also dream about my fellow artists here in Detroit. Many go unsung for the simple fact that we are not in L.A. or New York. I dream that all that changes and we become the new Motown Sound. Are you willing to put in the work in? Are you dreaming big enough with me? Holla if you hear me!


-K Greene


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