Preachers of Detroit: Motor City Ministry


I admit I am not the biggest fan of reality television. I have avoided it since VH1’s “Flavor of Love” Shenanigans. Yet the American public can’t get enough of it. When Oxygen debuted “Preachers of L.A.”, my wife found her reality TV addiction. I joined her a few nights on the sofa and took in this look in on the lives of these preachers. These were legit preachers but for all their good deeds, It felt Hollywood, The Glitz and Glam of L.A. cast a bigger shadow over the cast itself. Enter “Preachers of Detroit”

Detroit is a city filled with hard workers who have fallen on the hardest of times. It’s times like this where people rely on their faith. Local pastors do their absolute best to bring their congregations the word of God and the Oxygen Network wants to introduce you to a few of them. Bishop Charles Ellis III, Bishop Corletta Vaughn, Pastor Tim Alden, Bishop Clarence Langston, Pastor Don William Shelby Jr., Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole, and Pastor David Bullock. Each one bring their own individual style to delivering the word of God. For the people who attend their churches, this is the most important person in their lives.  These Preachers are Leaders, Mentors, and Guides in their path to salvation. The world is getting a peek at the lives of these Preachers in the coming weeks and what you will see will astound you. The first episode has already set the nation ablaze, Pastor Bullock’s stance on community responsibility and Bishop Vaughn’s battle against sexism in the church has audiences riveted! The City of Detroit itself is overjoyed at the national attention.

So I sat back and observed and read every ounce of media I could get my hands on related to the show. The results were interesting to say the least. TV critics and news media loved it. They see it as a bonafide hit sure to keep everyone talking. The faith based audience however,  is split.  Many don’t believe preachers should be on TV. Some don’t believe that Pastors should have Bentleys or mansions given the current state of the city. The Church of God In Christ denomination believes that no woman can hold the position of Bishop and has made their objections to Bishop Vaughn known. One would think that a show about preachers would have the full endorsement all believers of God, This couldn’t be further from the truth, I was saddened by this until I remembered those words in big letters in the back of Bishop Corletta Vaughn’s church. They read “Declaring War on Biblical Ignorance”. That is the purpose of this show. These Pastors will discuss each topic and give us a glimpse into their world and just maybe a few more eyes will be opened. I know mine will be every Friday evening,  Holla if you hear me!


– K. Greene


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