Preachers of Detroit: Winds of Change


I admit that sometimes I get stuck in my ways and change becomes a bad word. It’s not that I am apposed to change. I enjoy comfort. However, in my experiences, I have learned that change is needed when you are the most comfortable. It is only then that you truly grow.  We see Pastor Bullock make his case to the Detroit City Council on why he should be one of them. Even with the support of members of his congregation, his bid for a seat on the City Council fell short. I had a feeling he wasn’t going to make it. The intensity by which he pursued this post exposed his flaws. It was refreshing to see him at the table with Bishops Langston and Ellis a bit more subdued. He was no doubt disappointed but patient and receptive. If Bullock wants to pursue a City Council seat, now is the time for him to change some of his methods.

More often than not, change is painful as in the case of Pastor Shelby’s eldest daughter. After much declaration of saved lifestyle, it was revealed that she lost her virginity while a teem. She didn’t run form the truth when it came out. In fact, she embraced it. She changed the perception of her personal failure. From a painful memory to a valuable lesson to teach. Her ability to change a positive to a negative may prove valuable to all young people. Yet her parents may have the toughest time changing and Bishop Corletta Vaughn is the symbol of that change.

The Shelby’s and the Vaughn’s went out to dinner together and I knew this would be a clash of ideologies rooted in their very beliefs. You could already tell throughout the season that Bishop Vaughn being a woman and serving with that title and authority was an issue for them. It is an issue in a most churches. Not just in Detroit but worldwide. Bishop Vaughn has been a force for women’s rights for years whereas Pastor Don Shelby Jr, Is a traditionalist.. Pastor Shelby believes in a woman’s place is by her husband’s side and defiantly not in the pulpit. He even said “I wanted to marry a woman and not a Bishop!”. Mrs. Shelby has the greatest problem with this. Bishop Vaughn is the total opposite of herself. It became obvious during their discussion, Mrs. Shelby became defiant. Not because of anything Bishop Vaughn said, but because Bishop Vaughn represents a direct challenge to the Shelby lifestyle, Bishop Vaughn represents a mirror of what Mrs. Shelby could have become. What dreams or goals did little girl Shelby have that were put aside in favor of becoming Mrs. Don Shelby?

As I watched this heated discussion, I realized Hilary Clinton is going to have to have the same discussion with America. If Hilary Clinton wants to win the White House, She has to follow Bishop Corletta Vaughn’s lead and convince America that change must come again. Time has come for women to use their gifts and talents on the same platforms as us men, How long are we as men going to continue to blame the daughters of Eve for the apple? How long are we going punish the women for our absence of paradise?  Its time to embrace change. Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden together for they both ate the apple and only by working together as equals can we get a piece of that paradise back. Holla if you hear me!

K. Greene

5 thoughts on “Preachers of Detroit: Winds of Change

  1. Ms. Greene I pray that we have not been misunderstood. I have been married for 28 years to the lovely Bonita Shelby and we have honored God in our marriage and home. First of all I support women in ministry. I have female ministers in my church and some of my closest friends are female pastors. Secondly, when I said,”I wouldn’t marry a bishop, I’ll marry a women” the previous episode shows the meaning of that statement, which was that I do not marry titles, Bishop, pastor, senator etc, I don’t think we should marry based on position or things . Remember the editors will cut a statement to make it fit for TV. Then lastly, my wife and Corletta spoke for over 2 hours. And that scene was only 3 minutes and based on what was aired neither women made not one point nor was any of their dialogue, views or positions aired. Again, it was made for TV.
    We love Bishop Vaughn and Gil.. Don’t make us enemies by creating or reading into something falsely. I support her ministry and do not stand in the way of her progress or any women in the Kingdom who has a call on their life. None of us will have to stand before men but on the day of judgement we will all stand before God to give an account of the deeds we’ve done.. So therefore, all ministers male and female must answer to God and He will judge all things. I pray for your continued success as a voice in the kingdom.
    Pastor Don Shelby
    Preachers of Detroit

    • Thank you for reading my piece Pastor!! I totally understand your view. I have been following this journey you and the cast have been on in hopes of not only introducing the leaders of faith in our city to my readers, but also get people to see a part of themselves as well. I raised some questions in this piece that I intend on answering in the next. I admire your commitment to traditionalism however there is a change in our country that must take place to better us as a whole in regards to women. It is men and women who live as you and your wife do who will have the toughest time. I will say this. We will also need your guidance in regards to keeping a marriage grounded. Divorce rates are at an all time high. Your experience and wisdom can help us all keep this number down. I hope to meet you one day and thank you for the way you not only represented the faith but our city as well! May God continue to bless and keep you and your family!

  2. I realize that this short clip of the conversation between Bishop Vaughn and Mrs. Shelby cut out a lot of their conversation. But, I have to disagree with you, Mr. Greene. I thought it was Bishop Vaughn who was being defensive and defiant – and a bit hypocritical. She claims to want to see strong women – but she only wants to see strong women who fit her image. Mrs. Shelby is a very strong woman and she demonstrated that by demanding that she be heard in the conversation and not letting Bishop Vaughn over power her. She stood her ground, as strong women do. That took Bishop Vaughn by surprise. And while Pastor and Mrs. Shelby might be traditionalists, we sometimes need tradition for that is our foundation. I agree with you that we also need women who are trailblazers, like Bishop Vaughn. This world needs both Bishop Vaughns and Mrs. Shelbys.

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