The Return of Jazz


As much as I love writing, as much as I love my Wife, as much as I love driving my Charger at high speed, there is a sound underneath it all that I also love. That is the sound of Jazz music. I was inflicted early in life. My Dad was into blues and my mom R&B and Gospel but it was Ellington and Basie who sunk their hooks into me, The trumpet of Miles Davis gave me peace though high school. The deep bass of Stanley Clarke played in the tape deck of my first car. Jazz music became the soundtrack of everything I thought was cool.

My favorite radio station was Smooth Jazz V98.7 and one of the voices there was none other than the lady pictured above, Maxine Michaels. Ms Michaels vast musical knowledge and silky smooth voice was unparalleled on Detroit’s air waves. With the emergence of syndicated radio, many great local stations didn’t survive. Detroit lost its most powerful Jazz outlet. However, what was once lost is now found! You can now hear Maxine Michaels on WRCJ FM 90.9 Friday nights from 7pm to 11pm EST. YES!! Maxology is back! We fans of Jazz here in the Motor City now have a weekly oasis.

This is huge! Whereas R&B and Rap has dominated the airwaves, I often felt we losing one of the best music forms in the process. Also, having a local Jazz radio show attracts artist to our city and helps us uplift our own Detroit artists in the process. I urge everyone to tune in and support her show, As Detroit grows, hopefully Jazz will grow along side it and become interwoven in it’s culture. As Jazz moves forward in Detroit, it could have no better guide than Maxine Michaels. Holla if you hear me!!!

-K. Greene

4 thoughts on “The Return of Jazz

  1. Awww Kelly, What a wonder way to the start the week…deeply touched and thanks for sharing the impact of music in your world, extra thanks that I’m included in the experience. This resurgence of jazz on the airwaves is a beautiful thing and WRCJ 90.9 FM is the foot path to making it happen.

    For your support, the quest, the destination, the oasis of Jazzy Nights meets Maxology — a heartfelt thank YOU! Other options for the music lovers include apps and online capability too Listen Live at – until the next radio date, I hear you loud and clearly. Love, Peace & Music

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