For Our Girls


I admit, I am very happy I have turned my attention to the women in our society this year. Tagging along with Bishop Corletta Vaughn gave me valued insight into the plight of women today. It also gave me new appreciation for the work of BerHenda Williams and the Power of Girlhood,

On December 19, 2011 The United Nations adopted Resolution 66/170. This Resolution Declares October 11th as International Day of the Girl Child. They wanted to set aside this day to recognize the rights and challenges girls face around the world. For The Power of Girlhood, the girls in Detroit,MI are their responsibility. Growing up in city where public education is severely underfunded, Household incomes dipped on average 40%, and positive female role models remain far and few between. Young girls are bombarded daily with images to destroy their self esteem and conform to a lower standard of living. BerHenda has fought this battle for years. winning small victories through the young girls she has mentored. Speaking to BerHenda is always a pleasure and her face lights up when speaking about Power of Girlhood. It is that passion on a very special day I wish to tell you about.

Join BerHenda Williams and the Power of Girlhood this October 11th at Birney K-8 School 27225 Evergreen Rd in Southfield. From 10am-12pm there will be a very powerful program and fellowship for the benefit of our girls, There will be a number of performers and speakers with Social Justice Champion Keisha Thomas giving the Keynote address. I am urging everyone to bring their girls to this event! Also please donate to the Power of Girlhood through the link below.  Go if you hear me!!

Power of Girlhood #IDG2015

-K. Greene

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