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While doing my blog, I have met and networked with a host of amazing individuals here in Detroit, MI!  Many of these individuals I have already told you about and some I have been saving for a later date.  On this page “Hollaifyouhearme Approved”, I will list all those whom I work closely with and support hollaifyouhearme.com.  Above all, I DIG THEIR WORK!!!!!! If you want to get on this list,  you know what to do…HOLLA IF YOU HEAR ME at Motorcitygreene@gmail.com

Sylvia Hubbard – Motown Writers Network Founder and author of over 30 books!!   Her site is: www.SylviaHubbard.com      Twitter @sylviahubbard1

Rosemarie Wilson – Poet, Singer, and Actress.  Her latest book fresh off the press is entitled “Out of Darkness into Light”.  BUY THIS BOOK!! If you want to know what I thought of it, you can read my review on the back cover! She will also be in the upcoming stage play “Addiction” which she c0-wrote. Her Site is: www.OneSingleRose.com    Twitter @OneSingleRose

Ber-Henda Williams – Poet, Mentor, and Writer. Aside from being a powerful and bi-lingual poet, She is a pioneer in mentoring young women. Power of Girlhood gives young girls the tools they need to become great women!      Twitter @berhenda

Phette Holins-Ogburn – Author  She currently has two great books on the shelves. “It Can Happen To You” and “Innocence.GA”  Her site is: www.phetteogburn.com    Twitter @Phephi

Kai Mann – Author,  Blogger  “30 Day Notice” is her latest offering fresh off the press!  I am predicting that this book will be well received throughout all genres!   Twitter @Kaiology

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