I Am With The Power Of Girlhood


I have always been a firm believer in giving back to the community. I come from a long line of men who have done and continue to do the same. If you have followed me over the years, you know well my adoration for the work Ms Ber-Henda Williams does with her “Power of Girlhood” girls mentoring program in my community. After a recent meeting, I have now become a Board Member!!

The work and passion Power of Girlhood brings to a young lady’s life is critical in these days and times.  Our young ladies are at incredible risk and we must pitch in as a community to turn the tide in this war on our girls. Our girls must be protected at all times and in all areas of life! Now that I am a Board member, here are a few things to look for:

  • 10% Of any proceeds I receive from bookings will go to Power of Girlhood for supplies. They are always needed.
  • This Friday October 11th, I will be Volunteering at this year’s International Day of the Girl at Wayne State. I need your help as well!!! If you can join me at Wayne State this Friday at 10am and can stay till at least 3pm, please email me at Motorcitygreene@gmail.com and I will send you all the details! Thanks in advance!!!
  • My favorite store in Detroit to get my gear from ThreeThirteen has joined in as well! Go to Threethirteen on Livernois in Detroit on the Avenue of Fashion and mention The Power of Girlhood. A portion of your purchase will be donated to The Power of Girlhood! Trust me Fellas, the body butter they sell there will have the women all over you!! Not to mention all the latest apparel for that first date!

Making change in the community does not come from how you are heard on social media but how your presence is felt in the community by the works of your hands. Pro activity keeps us from learning the hard lessons that came from our inactivity. Jump in if you hear me!


-Kelly Greene



Dear MI State Rep Johnson,

I have thought long and careful about the words I will unravel today as the reason behind them is far from settled.

I was there the day you were sworn in and witnessed you take an oath to serve the district that elected you with honor, dignity, and pride. Today, I have very and every reason to hold you in contempt of that oath. I fully understand that my craft as a writer comes with many pitfalls and obstacles, but none should come at the hands of those elected to protect my rights to do so!

The reason is the letter you sent out to your Precinct Delegates on January 18, 2019 was not of your own work or that of your staff writer, but of mine! You assigned your then Community Liaison, Ms. Henrietta Ivey to coordinate your Precinct Delegate Appreciation Day on March 1, 2019 She enlisted my assistance in writing the memo. I agreed and was informed that it was turned down. Then to my surprise, Ms Ivey shows me a copy of the memo, slightly altered and complete with official State letterhead none the less. The memo itself was only a first draft itself and I had not yet signed off on. To further confound the issue, Ms. Ivey informed me that she was fired after multiple inquiries of the letter’s origin. Must something so simple as a superbly written letter be enough for you to compromise your principles? How can you stand up for social justice when you gladly engage in selfish injustice? How can we be certain more illustrious prizes haven’t swayed your principles already?

“I am an artist, and I am sensitive about my Shit!” – Erykah Badu

Yes, I called you out publicly. As a voter grieved by your actions, I have a right to! I never tried to “Embezzle” you as you told everyone I tried to do on your “Stand Up with Cynthia” Show (I still have the clip. I can play it for you anytime you like). Never once did I threaten you as you claimed on the false police report you filed. Why should an innocent man have to go to a police station, and give a statement, when his only crime is holding an elected official accountable for their deeds in his community? The only thing I threatened you with is the Truth and if the truth is not your ally in service to your district, then you must resign!

I must ask…. Is this an example of your attitude towards writers and artist on the rise in your district? Are you truly this apathetic to Detroit Artists? The Detroit Artist is one of the most hardworking artist in the world. Many thought we would die when Motown left. Many left after most lost their day jobs in 2008. Those that stayed gutted it out to add to the flavor that is Detroit culture today. Most of us, if not all of us, would rather be excellent and prosperous in our crafts instead of laboring at 9 to 5. We make huge sacrifices for each opportunity we get so when you plagiarize one of us, you steal from us. I say us because we elect people to make sure the rights to our work are protected. You have shown that you have no such interest in protecting the rights of Detroit Artists.

I want to take this time to acknowledge Ms. Henrietta Ivey. In her role as Community Liaison, she exemplified what it means to truly serve the community. She reached into the community for talent, gave it an opportunity, and defended it. It is her dedication to service and fighting for the rights of others that lead to her being chosen to speak at the Democratic National Convention. I find it reprehensible that you continue to defame her character for choosing to call my attention to your plagiarism and not side with your outrageous conduct. I can say with certainty, Henrietta Ivey was the only one who kept her oath that day at the SEIU.

It saddens me that in one of the most chaotic times in our history where competent and trustworthy leadership is needed, you have displayed neither. If Selfies with important people and your title mean more to you than the work you do for the people, then you must quit.

There will be no further contact between us unless it is for legal or administrative purposes should your actions in this situation warrant an investigation.

In Peace and Power,

Kelly Greene

Any agency or press interested in my claims including all related materials may send a request by email to


Sagittarius Rising


In the grand scope of this mockery of democracy we currently find ourselves in, I could unleash a 300 page dissertation of “I Told You So”. Today however, I will sit beside you and attempt to ease your befuddlement.

I took time away to process life, Changes had to made and the obvious outcome was not in my favor. So watching America tear itself apart under Trump made everything seem normal. It took me a while to get it. I got used to watching community affiliations blame other community affiliations for non community involvement in a community that averages 25% voter turnout in any given election. Afro-Woke Folks vs Church Folk vs Muslim vs LGBT. It was like the pots calling the kettles black all over social media. I guess Trump getting elected and the blatant racism was the shock everybody needed to realize shit was getting real. When shit gets real, people panic.

When shit gets real, you have to change!

Things got super real for me in 2018. I changed jobs. This forced me to go from day shift to afternoons. I am now Divorced. Not the horror story most go through, Thanks to my loving friend of the past 15yrs, but bone-jarring to my being none the less. I changed locations, missed events, even my diet changed. I am quite sure my Best Friend Phette is pretty damn close to taking me out back and putting me out of my misery like an old mutt! However, slowly but surely. I started feeling something like myself again. A little mutated by life’s boots to my ass but stronger because of it. Things are coming together. You will see in upcoming projects. I am owning my shit and taking charge. I had to change or die.

The African-American community has got to change. The Clinton vs Trump Election exposed every flaw in Afro-America. All the loudest, most unintelligent of us managed to shout over logic and wisdom. It was as if Afro-America in its response to an unpopular Hilary Clinton and obvious clown Donald Trump was to panic and unleash our own clowns. The bad part about our clowns is the fact they like to turn on each other. Nobody built any connections nor co-sponsored anything across any religion or belief. A lot of missed opportunities for unity but our clowns don’t want that. They effectively kept Black folk fighting Black folk for likes on social media to their dumbass videos.

The African-American Community must own its shit!

We have to own our shit and let these people go. We have to let go of the excuses. Especially the “The White man did… ” or “They wont let us..” common ones. Gotta vote and encourage the wisest and most honorable among us to run for office regardless of individual religion or social belief. there have to be some hands across beliefs if there is to be any further African-American movement in America. This change in African-American thinking will foster a stronger African-American collective. The change will require that African-Americans actually become a whole lot more respectful and tolerant of each other when we couldn’t be further apart. We don’t have time to mess around on this one.

Holla If Your Hear Me!

-Kelly Greene

P. S. Time for the NAACP to get off its ass and get in the GAME!

Matty Rich: New Book and Deep Thoughts


There is nothing I like more than a conversation with someone I never met. The exchange of ideas and experiences is well worth the time spent. However, nothing could have prepared me for the person I was getting ready to meet. That person would be director of “Straight Outta Brooklyn” and the 1994 classic “The Inkwell” starring Larenz Tate and and Jada Pinkett. He was in town promoting his new book “Bev”. Given the current racial climate, his visit and book couldn’t have been more timely.

As we sat down, he couldn’t be happier about the new book. He was very pleased at the response his book has been receiving . Matty raved about his co-author Andrea Williams and how she helped bring “Bev” to life. I saw the serious return in his face as he began to go in depth about “Bev”. At that moment I was all ears as he explained the story.

img_20160924_221300903.jpg                ” I read about Beverly Luther through a book by her sister Meridith Kopald. I found the story of a white social worker heading the call of Martin Luther King to help in the civil rights movement fascinating. I was drawn by her different perspective. I sought out Meridith and spoke at length about her sister. It was then, she gave me the go ahead to write the book.”. Matty noted that Beverly’s family has been very supportive and attended the first book signing in L.A.. Matty’s films “Straight Outta Brooklyn” and “The Inkwell are about family and “Bev” touches on that as well . During the Story, Bev challenges racism in her own family as well as lives with a Black family while in Mississippi. This he believes is the most important part!

As our conversation turned to the current racial climate, The significance of this book became clear. As Beverly spends time between the two families, she quickly learns the difference of two different Americas. Matty believes that our current racial problems in his own words “Cannot just be an African-American issue, it has to be an American issue. Only then, can we move forward.”. I believe he is right. Matty told me that even-though this book was originally pitched as a film, He is undecided on whether or not to go ahead and make the film. I hope he does. In the mean time, I will read this book.

Beverly Luther’s life experiences may shed light on how we can learn to have the conversations in our homes, challenge racism among those we love the most, and find that common bond that supersedes skin color and embraces our humanity.  Matty said to me “America has still nor properly faced civil rights.That’s why racism is still hanging around” He is correct but with books like “Bev” and people like ourselves, maybe we can get on the right track. Thank you for stopping by Matty Rich! Holla if you hear me!

-K. Greene

P.S. Coming Soon: “Bev” The Reveiw!

Justice For Who?



keep asking myself “How did we get here?”. The longer I thought about it, the answer became more and more clear.  However, more troubling thoughts emerged. The crazy part is we act as if we haven’t see this before. The truth is…we have and we keep on ignoring it. This time, ignoring it has caused the deaths of many innocent people.

The current state of America is in racial discord. Not really surprising given our history but it is now inflamed by the shooting deaths of innocent black males in Louisiana and Minnesota at the hands of white police officers violently caught on video. The outrage of those shootings has sparked more deaths including 5 Dallas police officers. White police killing innocent blacks is nothing new. It has happened in every decade since law enforcement began in this country.

While some may argue that our justice system has come along way since the 1800’s, African-Americans will argue that it has remained the same. It just looks different. It has always had a racist tone to it. Whites have always gotten away with things in the south if they can pin it on a African-American. Killing that African-American was a plus and it happened often. As technology grew, the truth got harder to suppress.  Micheal Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and countless other innocent African Americans  have died at the hands of the police. The officers who killed them get paid time off until they are subsequently acquitted. Protect the honor of the police is a must and no Justice for the families, just business as usual.  The deaths of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana broadcast on social media gave America a real look at what business as usual is when it comes to how police handle African Americans.

We are lead to believe that this is how all police view African-Americans but in fact, it’s only the bad ones. They are bad employees. They don’t steal stationary, take long lunches, or come to work late everyday. They are prejudice and recklessly kill minorities. In fact, they feel justified. In their minds, they are the law and what they say goes. Chief among them, violating the rights of minorities in order to do their job. There is nothing in the law which supports their beliefs. In fact, they violate their own code of protect and serve and also violate the law regarding innocent till proven guilty, and policies regarding the rights of an individual.

Yet these bad employees of the Police department are rarely if ever punished and we see the results in the news way too much. That is why I applaud San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kapernick for sitting during the National Anthem before a pre-season game.  If we are to be the country which stands for equality and freedom as we tell the world we are, we must take stands. Or in Colin Kapernick’s case, take a seat. We can absolutely mourn the police officers that have been killed in the line of duty during these restless days. We can also place blame and scrutiny where it belongs. On those bad employees of the Police force and the supervisors that fail to prosecute the law breakers in their own ranks. Our society cannot be at peace until that happens. Justice must be served!  Holla if you hear me!

– K Greene


A Real Model


Since my journey back to the Literary Arts, I have been called many things. Among them all, Role Model is the only one I have shied away from. I understand the gravity of being a Role Model and never thought I qualified. Teachers, Parents, and Celebrities I always thought bared that burden but I had a new thought.

In 1993, Nike along with Charles Barkley launched an ad campaign entitled “I am Not A Role Model”. In the commercial, he outlines that he is paid to score points, get rebounds, and be intimidating. Not raise your kids. That campaign was met with some backlash considering the amount of young people that looked up to him. He was a Role Model whether he liked it or not. However, that didn’t stop him from making mistakes on and off the court which made him a less appealing Role Model.  My mistakes in life are many more.

That’s why I often downplayed myself as a Role Model. At one time, I considered embracing myself as a Role Model. I thought my new purpose in life meant new responsibilities. That was short lived. A few years ago, my son’s oldest brother was shot and killed. He was not my biological son but we had a great relationship. We spoke often. It seemed that no matter how much knowledge I shared with him, it could not save him. I took it as failure and abandoned any thoughts of being a Role Model. However, I could not avoid all the young people in my life. It was them that helped me see the real problem.

Our young people live in an unforgiving social media society. Any mistake they make is quadrupled by public opinion once a friend puts it on social media. I have made tons of mistakes and being human, I am inclined to make a few more. Our youth need inspiration to move past mistakes. Whereas Role Models are assumed perfect representations, I tell the youth I am far from perfect. I am Real. Perfectly flawed like everyone else. My message to them is don’t strive to be like me but let me be a representation of part of the journey. I am a Real Model, not a Role Model. My success have come at the expense of my struggles. My legacy will be written over my struggles to come.

Holla if you hear me

-K .Greene