Detroit Women on a Mission


There are times when I look around and wonder what direction are our women are going? I see some who are goal oriented and achieving yet social media paints a different picture, Women and young girls twerking by shaking their butts in G-Strings or very short shorts get 500 “Likes” on Facebook. It also appears that “Girl Fights” are the new rage on social media as well. It doesn’t matter if its 1 on 1 or an all out brawl. Hair pulling and clothes ripping excites the crowd as the female combatants provide plenty of action for everyone’s camera phone, Even the older women join in. Then, it goes viral!

For two of Detroit’s most influential women in the community, This is unacceptable! Ber Henda Williams is a noted poet in the city and her passion for spoken word only pales in comparison to her passion for mentoring young girls, June 6th she will be hosting her annual Power of Girlhood version 5.0. She will have special performances from poets One Single Rose and Dimonique Boyd just to name a few. You can find more information here: If you have a young girl, do not let her miss this event and It is totally FREE!

Nobody took the world by storm like “Preachers of Detroit”  cast member Bishop Corletta Vaughn. She has been an inspiration for women and young women alike. Bishop Corletta Vaughn’s story of perseverance to become a Bishop in the male dominated pulpit has empowered women world wide. Bishop Vaughn wants to do more for women and young girls. In one episode of “Preachers of Detroit”, Bishop Vaughn invited the women on the show to her “Women Who Soar” conference, On July 8-12, she will be doing her conference again and it’s open to all women who want to attend! Also, for the first time, this will be her expansion summit! Ladies are strongly encouraged to bring their daughters for an enrichment summit that will stay with them for a lifetime! There is a fee for this summit yet it is a small price for the information and enrichment women and their daughters will receive! This is a can’t miss Mother-Daughter outing opportunity!

I encourage all women reading this post to attend both events! Let the “Power of Girlhood” bond you and “Women Who Soar” empower you! As men, we have to support our women and encourage them to attend, Our daughters can benefit greatly from interacting with strong and talented women. Encouraging your wife to go to an empowerment summit is the perfect way to show your support for her goals. In return, she strengthens the household so that both of your goals become a reality!

My hat is off to Ms Ber Henda Williams and Bishop Corletta Vaughn. I am thankful for these women of faith and purpose serving as guides and mentors to our community’s most valuable asset… Our women. Holla If You Hear Me!

– K Greene

Poetry and Purpose

There are people in Detroit that very seldom get the recognition they deserve.  Crime and Kwame Kilpatrick seem to dominate the news these days and there is no room for good people.  I want to change that.  Today I want to tell you about someone who does a lot of good in the city of Detroit not to mention extremely talented! That person is Ber-henda Williams.

Ber-henda is known throughout the city as one of our top poets.  She has several books to her credit and dazzles audiences by performing in both English and Spanish.  Ber-henda also hosts a reality show titled “B in the City”.   Her most notable achievement is founding the The Power of Girlhood girls mentoring program.  In this program, Ber-henda uses poetry to inspire girls in the areas of self-esteem, education, and setting goals.  Most importantly, she also stresses an important relationship with God.  No matter where she performs or who she speaks to, her faith is always at the fore front.

“I want to change how people view poetry, ” said Williams. “Some say it’s a dead art form, but not in Detroit. It’s poetry that’s relatable, to help answer questions about God, Faith and Life.

This Thursday September 13 at Artist Villiage, you get to see that firsthand. There will be a special performance of  “One Night With The Honey B and Friends” hosted by Khary Kimani Turner.  Ber-henda will be unleashing poetry, inspiration, and praise along with her friends: Walter(HAZMAT)Howard, Rosemarie Wilson (One Single Rose), and Nathan “Drizzle” Johnson.  I am also hearing whispers of a surprise guest or two.  Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door (See the link below).  The best thing about the prices, is the fact that a portion of the proceeds go to Power of Girlhood  girls mentoring program!  The show is from 6pm-9pm so that makes it the perfect afterwork event.  Artist Village is located at 17340 Lahser Rd Detroit,MI 48219 near Grand River.  I advise everyone to check this out!!!  This is approved!

-K. Greene

For Tickets and info: