Matty Rich: New Book and Deep Thoughts


There is nothing I like more than a conversation with someone I never met. The exchange of ideas and experiences is well worth the time spent. However, nothing could have prepared me for the person I was getting ready to meet. That person would be director of “Straight Outta Brooklyn” and the 1994 classic “The Inkwell” starring Larenz Tate and and Jada Pinkett. He was in town promoting his new book “Bev”. Given the current racial climate, his visit and book couldn’t have been more timely.

As we sat down, he couldn’t be happier about the new book. He was very pleased at the response his book has been receiving . Matty raved about his co-author Andrea Williams and how she helped bring “Bev” to life. I saw the serious return in his face as he began to go in depth about “Bev”. At that moment I was all ears as he explained the story.

img_20160924_221300903.jpg                ” I read about Beverly Luther through a book by her sister Meridith Kopald. I found the story of a white social worker heading the call of Martin Luther King to help in the civil rights movement fascinating. I was drawn by her different perspective. I sought out Meridith and spoke at length about her sister. It was then, she gave me the go ahead to write the book.”. Matty noted that Beverly’s family has been very supportive and attended the first book signing in L.A.. Matty’s films “Straight Outta Brooklyn” and “The Inkwell are about family and “Bev” touches on that as well . During the Story, Bev challenges racism in her own family as well as lives with a Black family while in Mississippi. This he believes is the most important part!

As our conversation turned to the current racial climate, The significance of this book became clear. As Beverly spends time between the two families, she quickly learns the difference of two different Americas. Matty believes that our current racial problems in his own words “Cannot just be an African-American issue, it has to be an American issue. Only then, can we move forward.”. I believe he is right. Matty told me that even-though this book was originally pitched as a film, He is undecided on whether or not to go ahead and make the film. I hope he does. In the mean time, I will read this book.

Beverly Luther’s life experiences may shed light on how we can learn to have the conversations in our homes, challenge racism among those we love the most, and find that common bond that supersedes skin color and embraces our humanity.  Matty said to me “America has still nor properly faced civil rights.That’s why racism is still hanging around” He is correct but with books like “Bev” and people like ourselves, maybe we can get on the right track. Thank you for stopping by Matty Rich! Holla if you hear me!

-K. Greene

P.S. Coming Soon: “Bev” The Reveiw!