The Non-Advancement of American Colored People


Every February our country celebrates “Black History Month”. Its the usual celebration of our heritage and honoring those that trail blazed our road to freedom. Speeches by Martin Luther King and Malcolm X are replayed as reminders of our struggle. For that entire month, we remind the nation what it means to be black. After watching the news lately, We have only proved what it means to be fooled.

My heart sank at the news of the South Carolina Church Massacre. As if Eric Garner’s death at the hands of police wasn’t enough. Ferguson, Baltimore, Trayvon Martin, and recently Kaleif Browder, Headline a long list of examples of institutionalized brutality against African-Americans. Now, we have a pre-meditated act of terror against innocent African-Americans murdered at church. While institutional racism is nothing new, The South Carolina church massacre sheds light on the bigger problem that is at the core of it all. The Civil Rights Movement was pacified and we have gained nothing in 50yrs.

Many people see the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) as the leader in African-American rights and representation since it’s founding in 1909. The NAACP was highly involved in the organization of the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960’s and very involved in politics. Being highly involved in politics is a good thing. Many white politicians consider an endorsement from the NAACP a priority in securing the African-American vote. The problem here is while the NAACP endorses these candidates, The African-American community receives nothing from these candidates. You can go to any city and see the evidence for yourself. Especially here in Detroit.

I can easily blame ourselves for how we vote but I want the NAACP to be stronger with our voice. It’s been a year since Ferguson and another unarmed black college student is killed, protesters are arrested, and police brutality continue to plague our community. Be the NAACP of old. Lead us, organize us, force legislation! Official statements are useless. Holla if you hear me!!!

-K Greene

Close to Combustion

Detroit Fist

A little known fact about myself is that I have an addiction for information. The subject matters not. I count it all worthy knowledge.  Sometimes when doing research, Google baits me with words previously undisclosed to my eyes. The search for the meanings and related pictures satisfy my cravings. Recently my hunger for information led me to an uneasy find. This find would lead me to an even worse realization.

For reasons that escape me to this day given the high profile nature of the case, Michael Brown’s autopsy report was made public. We all know he was shot by a Ferguson police officer with his hands raised. The Autopsy report would shed a little more light on the events of that interaction between Michael Brown and Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson.   I hesitated a few times before looking at the report. As a father myself, The images of the pain in the face of Michael’s father at the funeral haunted me for days. The loss of a son is the worse pain there is. The report would bring those images back in full force but in here lies the truth. There were two things that stood out that brought an immediate knot in my stomach.

1. On one of Michael’s hands, there is a gunshot wound. The report suggests that it was from the officer Wilson’s gun and more importantly, at close range. There is also another report of Michael’s blood being found on Officer Wilson’s patrol car. This corroborates Officer Wilson’s story of a struggle in his patrol car.

2. Toxicology report revealed the most important fact and this fact could very well clear Officer Wilson. The report stated that Michael Brown had Marijuana in his system at the time he was killed.

Any first year defense attorney would argue these two points in Officer Wilson’s defense. Anytime someone has been charged with a crime, toxicology has always been used to determine motive or state of mind of an offender. Officer Wilson’s defense will be Michael Brown was high, out of control, and  went for the officer’s gun to get away. That part of the story would be enough to clear any cop nationwide. Here is were the fuse will be lit. Michael Brown stopped when Officer Wilson commanded him to and put his hands in the air as a sign of surrender. Instead of calling for backup and placing Michael Brown in handcuffs, Officer Wilson proceeded to repeatedly shoot Michael Brown. A close range shot to the head being the death blow.  For that part, there is no excuse. Instead of due process, Michael Brown was executed. Justice denied and Officer Darren Wilson now stands a great chance of being exonerated.

For this fact, I am extremely fearful. Ferguson, MO will erupt in a true riot and not the sensationalized one covered a few months ago. Other cities will follow. Old cases will be revisited with fresh anger. Racial tensions that are already at breaking points around the nation will explode. Friendships will be tested and others fractured beyond repair. We have our justice system and elected officials to thank for this. By continuing African-American economic and educational inequality and oppression, we have a racial stress bomb that threatens the peace that we desperately need in this day and age. I can tell by the Republican private war on President Obama that things are unlikely to change. In fact, Now that the Republicans control the House of Representatives and the Senate, things may get worse. I am praying no more innocent blood is spilled due to ignorance. Pray and Holla if you hear me.

-K. Greene